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Mail Order Degrees offers verifiable and authentic life
experience Degrees
from Belford University, an
accredited university where you can start by placing
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Why Belford University?
Thousands of students choose Belford University
for their life experience Degrees because it
The only Fully Accredited university providing Life
Experience Degrees.
Gives you convenience to pay in simple installments
through Flexible Payment Plan with no extra charges.
Provides Lifetime Credential Verification Services
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The only fully accredited university providing Life Experience Degrees.
  Belford University is a legally accredited institution accredited by the world's most trusted accrediting agencies such as IAAOU and UCOEA. No other online university awarding Life Experience Degrees is fully accredited by these agencies. Accreditation from IAAOU and UCOEA signifies Belford's standard of education and its commitment towards genuine, credible life experience Degrees.

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Flexible Payment Plan
  The flexible payment plan of Belford University gives you the opportunity to pay in small installments with no extra charges. If you are unable to pay the complete amount in one go, you can place the order for an initial amount of $249 only. The remaining amount can be paid in two easy installments.

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Lifetime Credential Verification Services
  Unlike other online universities that do not offer credential verification services, Belford provides Lifetime Credential Verification Service to you so that your employer or educational institution can get prompt information and verification whenever they require it.

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Read the comparison chart to know why Mail Order Degrees prefer Belford for its customers
Belford University Other Universities
Fully accredited from a reputable
accrediting agency
Not accredited
Convenience to pay in easy
installments with no extra charges.
Generally not provided, and most of the universities that provide this option charge around $100 or more.
Provides complete lifetime
verification of your credentials
when inquired by your employer
or educational institution
through easy verification system
Not offered
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Belford is a fully accredited and recognized university -
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1 Certificate of Distinction
1 Certificate of Membership
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