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Education Verification Service
  When you order your Degree from Mail Order Degrees you get Degrees from an accredited university. No matter where you submit your Degrees, the Education Verification Services provided by Belford University, backs you to ensure that your documents are treated with higher respect.
What is Education Verification Service?
  In United States of America, 20% of the employers require job applicants to verify their educational documents from the registered office of the college/university they were issued from. Students when asked to submit such verifications do ask their college/university to send those educational documents to their employers either through postal mail, FAX or e-mail.
Education Verification Service by Belford University:
  The Degree package you order from Mail Order Degrees carries 4 copies of Education Verification Letters (issued by Belford University). The Education Verification Letter contains the particulars of the Degree holder, concerning his/her enrolled program, GPA, the year in which the Degree was earned, etc.

You can submit this Education Verification Letter as per your requirement. Verifying authorities (Employers, educational institutes etc.), to which you submit the letter, can verify your credentials by visiting the link provided in the letter. In case you require additional copies of this letter, you may place an order through our online Order Form.

If your employer or institute, wherever you presented your documents, require documents being sent to them directly, then we can do so upon a request from you. The documents will be sent from the Belford University's postal address and would help you in building confidence that your Degree & all other credentials have been obtained from a recognized and renowned institute.
Below is a specimen of the Education Verification Letter that is issued by the registrar office of Belford University.
  If you like to view, as to what will be shown on the link given in the Education Verification Letter, kindly click here.
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