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What is Flexible Payment Plan?

Flexible Payment Plan lets you pay for your order in easy-to-make installments with no extra charges. However, your degree package will be delivered once we receive the complete amount of the degree package from you.

$99 to start!
You start by paying an initial amount of $99 only. The balance can then be paid within 30 days of paying the initial amount.

  If, for example, your degree package costs around $399, you would pay $99 initially, and then $300 within 30 days of paying the initial amount.

Step 1: Select the Degree Program
Select the degree program of your choice and start the order process.

Step 2: Provide Information
Provide information by filling out the order form.

Step 3: Order Preview
Review your order details and edit your information if you want any changes.

Step 4: Billing and Payment
Proceed to the billing and payment page by selecting Flexible Payment Option.

In case of selecting ‘Flexible Payment option', you can place your order by paying the initial amount of $99. The balance can then be paid within 30 days of paying the initial amount.

As soon as you pay the complete balance amount of your order, the degree package is shipped to you via Free Express Delivery.

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The Degree Package Includes:
The Degree Packages available at Mail Order Degrees contain 10 Documents altogether:
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1 Certificate of Membership
4 Education Verification Letters
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